Built by Concrete Contractors for Concrete Contractors

Game Changing Features

Crete Quote provides you with many powerful features that will save you time and make your concrete contracting company more profitable. Easily setup your account to eliminate your competition, track real time data, and automate your business!

Instantly Get Your Customer’s Budget

Don’t Wait for Your Clients to Tell You Their Budget

No customer wants to be taken advantage of. With Crete Quote you can establish your customer’s budget without asking for it. Simply let them build an online quote for their dream patio and wait for a requested site visit.

Instantly Capture Your Customer’s Info

Get Valuable Info Right Away to Start Closing Deals

Customer must provide valid email address to enter the Crete Quote Program. As you already know, your email contact list is as good as gold. All your customer info is instantly captured and is easily accessible.


Start Saving Time and Money in Seconds

Getting Started with Crete Quote is easy. After signing up, set your pricing, we add a Crete Quote link on your existing website, and let Crete Quote get to work for you. No contracts, no nonsense.

Adjust Your Pricing in Seconds

Raise or Lower Your Prices in Seconds

If you are booked up all year, raise your prices in seconds to funnel only the best leads. Hitting that slow time of year?  Quickly and easily lower your pricing to draw in more hot leads.

Get Realtime Analytics

At Any Given Moment Know Exactly Where Your Business Is At

Real time report of all your customer’s history is a click away. With access to analysis of every bid created, you have the knowledge to decide if your pricing is set low or high. See trends in your market and easily adjust accordingly.

Eliminate Your Competition

Have Your Competition Asking “Where’s My Business Gone?”

Before your “competition” checks last night’s voicemail, you have already provided your customer with a free quote that they confirmed is within their budget. All that is left for you to do, is visit them onsite and close the deal.