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Crete Quote automatically pre-qualifies your leads, saving you time and money. By allowing your clients to calculate free quotes online, you eliminate sales pressure, establish a realistic budget, and turn a hot lead into a signed contract.

You sick of chasing around cold leads and tire kickers?

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Make Your Concrete Contracting Life Easy

We all know concrete is hard work... finding good leads doesn’t have to be!

It is time to work smarter not harder. Let Crete Quote Eliminate the Tire Kickers and get the clients with real money knocking down your door!

Our software tracks all of your client’s moves as they build their own “ball-park” quote. You get to set all the pricing levels and adjust them at any time.

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Traditional Concrete Flatwork & Frost Walls

Crete Quote allows you to input your price per square foot for traditional flatwork and walls. You can establish your project minimum to ensure every project you bid on will be profitable.

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Decorative & Stamped Concrete Flatwork

Decorative – Colored and Stamped Concrete is wildly profitable. Give your clients what they want! Add Steps, Borders, Multiple Patterns, Multiple Colors. It’s all laid out for you!

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Fire Features, Seat Walls, Kitchen Elements, & More!

Do you deliver the Full Outdoor Living Experience? We have you covered! Now Your clients can instantly create a quote for their Dream Patio. The time you will save is Mind Blowing!

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