Attention Concrete Contractors


Our Society Wants to BUY-NOW-ONLINE

Give your customers what they Want, INSTANT RESULTS!

  • Turn your website CONTACT FORM into a CASH REGISTER
  • Sell $25,000 PATIOS while you SLEEP
  • Close 90% of your DEALS in 20% the TIME
  • Take back control of YOUR BUSINESS & Start Living the GOOD LIFE

Here’s When It Hit Me…

  • I ordered pizza ONLINE,
  • I shopped for my new truck ONLINE,
  • I did all my Christmas shopping ONLINE,
  • I booked a family vacation ONLINE.

Almost every industry was offering the option to BUY-NOW-ONLINE

This is it!  I had to bring the Instant Gratification of Online Shopping into MY BUSINESS.  Since I did, my business and my life Changed Forever.

If You’ve Ever…

  • Reached the end of a long workday and realized you still have another 4 hours of meetings and estimates to do…
  • Reached the end of the year and wondered where all your profit went…
  • Been so stressed out that you considered shutting the doors and working for a local competitor…


Let Me Show You How You Can Sell More Jobs for Unbelievable Profits with Less Effort and in Less Time and Take Back Your Life!

Built by Concrete Contractors for Concrete Contractors

From: Aaron Kinas


Subject: What is Crete Quote and How Can it Change My Life?


Hi, Aaron Kinas here, founder of Crete Quote.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I am so excited to introduce CRETE QUOTE – I GUARANTEE you are going to LOVE IT!

Who Am I and What Do I Know?

I am a Marine Corps Veteran, Husband, and father of 2 girls.  I am a licensed concrete contractor and owner/ operator of Ageless Concrete in Madison, WI.  It was 2006, I was fresh out of the Marine Corps: young and dumb, and ready to take on the world…

  • No System,
  • No Mentor,
  • Just Winging it.

Through the gauntlet of 14 hard years, I built Ageless Concrete into one of the most sought-after residential concrete companies in my area.  But it wasn’t always that way…

Who Has Time to dream, when You’re Putting Out Fires All Day?

I was probably just like you… I started my company with high hopes and dreams of:

  • Working half days,
  • Having more Time,
  • More Money, and
  • More Freedom than ever before.

I put in my time, working 14-18 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, with the goal of reaching the “Good Life.”  But as you know, the day to day grind quickly draws all your attention away from your dreams and fixes them firmly on putting out the daily brush fires of your business and personal life.

I Felt Like I was Running Headfirst into a Brick Wall

The hunt for the “next job” really dominated my daily routine.  Tell me if you’ve been on this hamster wheel before:

  1. Get a call or email contact,
  2. Play some phone/ email tag,
  3. Schedule a site visit,
  4. Drive to prospect’s house (stuck in traffic?),
  5. Meet onsite to design/ measure up a project,
  6. Take plan home with you,
  7. Run the numbers in the evening (or 5:00am?),
  8. Send Proposal (any revisions?),
  9. Hope You get Hired (or at least a callback).

I did this day after day, week after week, year after year.  I felt like I was running headfirst into a brick wall!

I Was Giving Away (27) 40-HOUR WEEKS of My Time?!

I am a numbers guy, so I had to know exactly how much time I was wasting.  On average I was meeting with 3 or 4 potential customers daily… Spending around 5-6 hours per day on bids.  If you add it all up, I was at around 30 hours per week bidding jobs.  Multiply that across 9 months of my peak season and I’m at about 1,080 hours per season on Bids.  That is (27) 40-HOUR WEEKS of my Time, I was giving away!

Over 10 years I averaged 367 bids/year… Tally it up and WOW…THAT HURTS!!

(367 BIDS) X (3 HOURS/ BID) = 1,101 HOURS =

27.5 (40-hr) WORK WEEKS/ YEAR

I was spending more than ½ a YEAR, on FREE ESTIMATES.

If your time is worth $100/ hr…That is: $110,100 of (Non-Billable Time) spent on bids.

I was beginning to realize where all my profit was disappearing to at the end of the year.

Houston…We Have a Problem!

Stress, Burnout, and Frustration Lit a Fire in Me

Things got so crazy that I never even enjoyed the victory of closing a big deal or finally reaching my goal of selling over a million dollars in a year. It was just on to the next lead, Sell-Sell-Sell!  One day my wife Melissa brought it to my attention, that I hadn’t seen my kids all week…What an eye-opener!  I had been so wrapped up in my work that I only saw my kids when they were sleeping. 

  • I was stressed,
  • burned out,
  • frustrated that I wasn’t making more money,
  • I even considered quitting and finding another direction in life.

I woke up the next day and kept pushing forward and carrying the load.  But I had a fire burning in me that drove me towards reviving my dreams of a better life, a better way to run my business, a way to regain some time in my day… Time for my kids, wife, and my dog.

There Had to Be a Better Way

I searched for some type of software program, secret method, mentor, or coach that addressed my pain, but there was nothing and no one to be found.  As the years went on and my search continued, I noticed:


Everywhere you turn another business has automated and is offering the option to BUY-NOW-ONLINE.  You can even buy a BigMac online!


The light bulb blew up in my mind…this is it!!  I had to bring this type of Online shopping into my business!

I was Like a Kid on Christmas Morning…

I’m no computer expert and I didn’t know anything about creating a software program.  So, the creation of Crete Quote was a struggle.  After a long uphill climb, we got the first version of Crete Quote developed, tested, and set up on my website in early 2019.  I was like a kid on Christmas morning, checking my email every 5 minutes, just hoping it would work. 

  • 15 minutes,
  • 20 minutes,
  • 30 minutes,
  • NOTHING…then YES!
  • I got my first quote notification!

It worked, and the results were better than I hoped.  Quotes started coming in and they have not stopped to this day. Almost every morning I wake up to see new Quotes in my Dashboard.  Quotes that my customers created while I was getting jobs done, with my family, or even SLEEPING

Great it Worked for Me

But Could it Work for Other Contractors?

The first person I contacted when my instant quotes started rolling in, was Jonathan Fuller, fellow Marine Corps Veteran, and owner of Fuller Concrete in Minnesota.  Jon was experiencing the same…

  • pain,
  • anxiety, and
  • stress that I was feeling.

He was desperately needing a change in his business… it was literally consuming his life. Less than 3 minutes into our conversation about Crete Quote he cut me off and said,SIGN ME UP…NOW!”

“Crete Quote is a Game-Changer!”

-Jonathan Fuller: Fuller Concrete – Minneapolis, MN

From 24% Closing Rate to 91% Closing Rate in 1 Month

The results for Jon in Minnesota have been virtually identical or even slightly better than the results I was getting in Wisconsin.  He went from less than 25% to over 90% closing rate in his first month alone!  But the best part for Jon was the profit he was making off these new sales.  With Crete Quote he was able to pick and choose the leads he wanted to follow up with…the most profitable ones!

“OK…So How does Crete Quote Work?”

We convert your website contact form into a Quote Breathing Dragon!  Firing out Free Instant Quotes to your prospective customers while you get more Jobs Done, Spend more Time with your Family, or Sleep!


38% to 88% Closing Rate in 1 Year

I had some up and down years, but I was always doing a crazy number of bids.  Until 2019…when I absolutely crushed it!!  2019 was my first year using Crete Quote, when I closed 88% of my deals! I was able to charge more than my competitors and still close deal after deal.  Believe me, if this works in my cut-throat market, it will work in yours too!

My first year using Crete Quote I sold 150 out of 170 job meetings! You can too!!

Did you Know: The average homeowner waits 10 days from initial contact to estimate in hand? With Crete Quote they will have Your Estimate in less than 3 minutes. It’s a WIN-WIN!

The beauty of it is: You are showing your customers that your pricing is fair and transparent.  No games, no charging more based on where they live or the type of car they drive. 

Crete Quote instantly builds your:

  • Professionalism
  • Credibility
  • Authority
  • Trust
  • 3 Steps to Turn Website Visitors into Hot Leads 24/7


  • NO Contracts
  • NO Long-Term Commitments
  • NO B.S., “Semper Fi,” Money Back Guarantee

step 2: Set up

  • You Set your Pricing and Preferences – We take care of the Rest!

step 3: LAUNCH

  • Launch your business into a new Stratosphere and take Control of Your Life!

Our Game-Changing bidding technology will give you the ability to prequalify your leads and the tools to close exponentially more deals.


Eliminate time wasting tire kickers

Crete Quote will save you massive amounts of time.  Allowing you to see your family, complete projects on time, and only sell to the most qualified prospects.


STOP PLAYING PHONE TAG…and start CHERRY-PICKING the absolute Most Profitable Jobs!

Every year the demand for concrete contractors goes up, while the pool of quality contractors shrinks.  Swap roles and make your customers earn your business.

AUTOMATE YOUR Sales process

Stop chasing around cold leads

Pre-qualify your leads before they have a chance to waste your time, avoid round after round of bid revisions, & take your business to the next level!

Adjust Your Pricing in Seconds

If you are booked up all year – raise your prices in seconds to funnel only the best leads.

Hitting that slow time of year?  Quickly and easily lower your pricing to draw in more hot leads.

Instantly Get Your Customer’s Budget

Don’t ask for their budget (because they are really don’t want to tell you).

No customer wants to be taken advantage of.  With Crete Quote you can establish your customer’s budget without asking for it.  Simply let them build an online quote for their dream patio and wait for a requested site visit.

Instantly Capture Your Customer’s Info

Get valuable info right away to start closing deals.

Customer must provide valid email address to enter the Crete Quote Program.  As you already know your email contact list is GOLD.  All your customer info is stored & is easily accessible.

Get Realtime Analytics

At any given moment know exactly where your business is at.

Real time report of all your customer’s history is a click away.  With access to analysis of every bid created, you have the knowledge to decide if your pricing is set low or high.  See trends in your market and easily adjust accordingly.

Your Competition Wont Even Know What Hit Them

Have your competition asking: “Where’s my business gone?”

Before your “competition” checks last night’s voicemail, you have already provided your customer with a free quote that they confirmed is within their budget.  All that is left for you to do, is visit them onsite and close the deal.

“I’m no Computer Geek… This won’t work for me, Right?”

Wrong! If you can check your email, then you can master Crete Quote!


“I Do my bids with a pencil, paper, and a firm handshake.”

So do I! But I prequalify all my prospects online with no effort 24/7…BEFORE I drive to their house, design the job, write up my proposal, and seal the deal with a crushing handshake!


“I Don’t Want my Competition Knowing my Pricing.”

With Crete Quote it won’t matter.  Your bid is in your prospect’s hand instantly.  While your competitor may sing and dance about how much cheaper they are than you…no one wants cheap concrete!  If they do let them go – you just saved yourself 2 hours of wasted time.


“This is Just Some New Fad… it Won’t be Around Long.”

The owners of Blockbuster Video said the same thing about Netflix…What do you think they’re saying now?

WANT TO KNOW THE SECRET? You ONLY meet with customers who have already APPROVED your free instant QUOTE.

Here is Exactly What You Get

Standard Package

$ 297/mo + $497 (1-Time Website Integration)
  • Software – Website Integration:
    Give Your Customers what they want: A Way to Shop Online
  • Email Autoresponders:
    Never miss a customer lead with automatic emails that tell your customer you want their business
  • The Instant Quote:
    Unlimited Quotes on any device From Office to Field you will have everything you need to sell for more profit.
  • Industry Innovating App:
    Nothing Else Like this on the Market
    Interactive Dashboard
    Real-Time Analytics
    Built in CRM
    And Much More…

Deluxe Package

$ 497/mo + $997 (1-Time Website Integration)
  • Software – Website Integration:
    Give Your Customers what they want: A Way to Shop Online
    Eye Catching Instant Quote Banner
    Instant Quote Pop-up Funnel
    Interactive Project Calendar
    Accept Customer Deposit Payments
    Literally Sell the Job While You Sleep!
  • Email Autoresponders:
    Never miss a customer lead with automatic emails that tell your customer you want their business
  • The Instant Quote:
    Unlimited Quotes on any device From Office to Field you will have everything you need to sell for more profit.
  • Industry Innovating App:
    Nothing Else Like this on the Market
    Interactive Dashboard
    Real-Time Analytics
    Built in CRM
    And Much More…

Hmmm…Seem a bit Pricey? Look at the ROI!!

 What if Crete Quote ONLY saved you 2 hours/ day?

That’s 10 hours/ week x 52 = 520 Hours/ YEAR

How Much is (520 hours) of YOUR TIME WORTH?

520 hours to spend on the job with your CREW

520 hours to spend with your FAMILY

Most business owners I talk to bill their time at $100/ hour = $52,000.

For as low as $297/ month, I can put

$52,000 (or More), back in your pocket!

That’s Less $ than a Tank of Gas/ Week, for a 24/7



Hire a Salesperson or Crete Quote?

You are dominating your market, you got more leads coming in than you know what to do with, your schedule is booked out, but I bet your still feeling the pressure.  I was just like you… too busy!  So Now What?? Should you hire a salesperson to free up your time or consider Crete Quote?  Here are your options:

When you compare Crete Quote to the cost of hiring a salesperson – Crete Quote is a 10X Winner!

Crete Quote Has Changed My Life and It Can Change Yours Too!

  • My stress levels went down dramatically,
  • I was home for dinner most nights,
  • I got to see my kids before they were in bed,
  • I finally got to take my dog for a walk
  • I had more time to be on the jobsite with my guys,
  • which led to things getting done quicker and with less mistakes.
  • My customers appreciated seeing me around, and
  • I could see it in my guys’ eyes that they respected that I was spending more time in the trenches with them and less time in my truck and on the phone.

It’s 2020 and it is time to step up your Game!  I know technology can be intimidating, and change can be hard, but I’m telling you guys…Crete Quote is Worth It.  I sincerely believe we are going to change the way that contractors do business forever! 

“Sounds Good – But I Don’t Want to Get Stuck in Any Long-Term Contract”

Great – Crete Quote Has:

  • NO Contracts
  • NO Long-Term Commitments
  • NO B.S. “Semper Fi” Money Back Guarantee



I never had a system, mentor, or coach to help me when I was stuck or facing a fork in the road.  Let me be on your team so I can share my knowledge and experience with you. I will GIVE YOU my personal email address, so if you ever need a coach, mentor, or advice, I’m just a few clicks away.  Good Help is Hard to Find… You just found some Good Help!

Sign Up for Crete Quote Today and I will give you a FREE GIFT that will help Grow Your Business.

Over $2,000 worth of powerful Sales Tools & Resources that I have created over the last 14 years.  These are the tools that I use every day in my business, and they have gotten me out of some sticky situations and made my business infinitely stronger.   



An Amazing Free Gift Valued at $2,177.00

You will have Instant Access to:

  • The “Accountant’s Dream” Bid Calculator
  • The “Lawyer-Proof” Terms and Conditions Template
  • The Classic Concrete Project Proposal Template
  • The Stamped Concrete Project Proposal Template
  • The “Quick-Response-Close” Template to Overcome Price Objection and Close the Deal
  • The “Positive Affirmation” Template for Receipt of Signed Contract
  • The “Friendly but Firm” Template for Collecting on a Past Due Customer Ballance
  • The “Instructional” Template for Customers Resealing their own Concrete
  • The “Stop them in their Tracks” Template for a Complaint about a Crack in New Concrete
  • The “Conversation-Ending” Template for a Complaint about Rock Pops in Surface of Concrete
  • The Quick-Response Template for Complaint about Sealer Issues (Stamped Concrete)

I could charge for my 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions or for any of these Valuable Resources, but I sincerely want your business to succeed, so they’re Yours Today…FREE!


But that’s not all… sign up today, I am also going to include your Free Subscription to AK’s: Crete Coach Newsletter.  This valuable source for industry innovating tips and tricks will help you spend more time on the jobsite or with your family, and less time chasing dead-end leads.  


Hey, I know what you’re thinking… but Yes! Even an Old Dog can learn some New Tricks.


Click the Link below which takes you to our Simple Sign Up Page.

Pick the Plan that is Best for You, and Let’s Get After It!

We all know that concrete is hard work, and running a contracting business takes over our lives.  The dream of working ½ days and spending quality time with loved ones, disappears like the smoke from the smoldering brush fires that you’re constantly putting out. 

  • Crete Quote has transformed my life,
  • it has transformed the lives of others, and
  • I guarantee it will transform your business and your life.

You know that with our No B.S. Money Back Guarantee and Free Contractor Toolbox you have nothing to lose.  There is NOTHING else like this available ANYWHERE.  Now is the time to get a leg up on your competition.  They will never know what hit’em!

Click the Link below which takes you to our Simple Sign Up Page.

Pick the Plan that is Best for You, and Let’s Get After It!

You Have 2 Choices – But Only One Makes Sense

You can either keep running your business the way that you have always done it…driving around town chasing every lead…Stressed Out…Working for FREE.




You can Automate your Sales Process, Prequalify all your Leads, Cherry-Pick the Best Jobs, Charge More than you ever dreamed you could, Save an insane amount Time every day, and Live the Life you Dreamed you would be living when you started Your Business.


It is 2020… Time to take control of your life and create a new way that things are done in YOUR BUSINESS.  Your chance to make a dramatic change in your path has arrived.  Will you go for it?  Will you take action?

Join us today so we can send you your FREE Digital Contractor Toolbox RIGHT AWAY. Really, it’s that easy.


Thank you for your time and consideration – I look forward to hearing about your success!


Aaron Kinas – Crete Quote

– AK

P.S. You have worked so hard to build your business and reputation as the guy that can get it all done, carry the entire load on your shoulders.  You have earned the right to gain some freedom in your business.  Crete Quote will give you that freedom – I guarantee it!


Is Crete Quote online, or do I download software?

Crete Quote is 100% online, so all you have to do is log into your account from any device and you’re good to go.


Can I switch between the different Plans?

Yes, at any time you can easily upgrade from the Standard Package to the Deluxe Package. If you start out with the Deluxe Package you can switch to the Standard Package any time.


There’s No Contract Right?

That’s correct, No Contract, No Commitment, No B.S.


Is it easy to subscribe and get started?

Definitely! Within a few minutes, you can be up and running and start setting up your pricing.


Who actually sets up Crete Quote on my website?

Hanger Grove, LLC creates award winning websites for contactors. We have partnered with them to do all of our set up work.  They provide unbelievable service!


If I cancel within 30 days, do I get 100% of my Money Refunded?

If you don’t want Crete Quote for any reason, cancel within 30 days, and we will refund your 1st month’s payment.  Unfortunately, we cannot refund your 1-Time Software – Website Integration Fee.


What happens to my website when I cancel my account?

A tech from Hanger Grove will change your Instant Quote form back into your old contact form.


Do I own all my quotes and customer data collected through Crete Quote?

Absolutely.  Every bit of information collected through your Crete Quote account is yours.  You can download all your quotes and customer list any time, and take all that info with you if you cancel your account.