Crete Quote Transformed Fuller Concrete

Jonathan Fuller of Fuller Concrete in Minnesota Got Instant Results

Crete Quote Works For Ben's Concrete Creations

Ben Has Been Able to Give His Potential Customers Instant Quotes

Empire Construction Uses Crete Quote All Season

Chad With Empire Construction Sends His Customers Instant Quotes

Ageless Concrete Closes 90% Of All Meetings

Aaron Kinas With Ageless Concrete Meets With Less & Closes More

What Does Crete Quote Do Though?

Here's How Crete Quote Works

Step 1

Homeowner Builds a Quote On Your Website

Homeowner goes to your website where they build a quote with the Instant Quote form that only displays services and products that you offer.

Step 2

Homeowner Approves Your Quote

Upon submitting the Instant Quote form, the homeowner will receive an email with their quote. At the bottom of the email are two buttons, Yes or No, and if the homeowner clicks Yes you are immediately notified that the homeowner approved the quote! Approved Quote = HOT LEAD

Step 3

Only Do On-Site Estimates for Homeowners who Approved Your Quote

Your time is valuable – Stop giving it away.  Only invest your time on Homeowners who approved your quote. Crete Quote automatically pre-qualifies all your leads 24/7 with No Effort or Time Wasted. Tire-Kickers are eliminated!  It’s a WIN – WIN!

Instant Quotes for Multiple Services

Crete Quote Can Provide Your Clients With Instant Quotes for Multiple Different Services

Traditional Broom Finished Concrete Flatwork

Crete Quote allows you to input your price per square foot for traditional flatwork. You can establish your project minimum to ensure every project you bid on will be profitable.

Decorative & Stamped Concrete Flatwork

Decorative colored and stamped concrete is wildly profitable. Give your clients what they want! Add steps, borders, multiple patterns. It’s all laid out for you!

Fire Pits, Seat Walls, Outdoor Kitchens & More!

Do you offer outdoor living spaces services? If so, we have you covered! Your clients can instantly create an estimate for their outdoor living space. The time you will save is mind blowing!


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